My little story

Already as a kid I was used to hear how skillful I was at drawing. A good confidence on the area grew stronger and when I at age 15 got the opportunity to illustrate for the local newspaper my future plans took shape.

Right after high school I started my university education in comics and sequential art and during the last school year I got self-employed with the ambition to make a living on my skill.

I used to draw the comic strip World of Will fulltime. Please watch your newspaper and bookstore for the comic and the main characters, Ella and Will.

Way of working

Everything starts with an idea and sketches. I try different alternatives until I find a good variant where the picture mediate the right feeling.

When I am satisfied with the sketch I start inking and tint with watercolors. Or if it is more suitable I do the coloring on the computer.

I am working in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

I make both the script and the art, with some exceptions. In does cases I usually leave the script work to my brother, Torbjörn Hägglund, who is a journalist and author. Our abilities use to work very good in combination.







Kristian Hägglund Karlsviken 133
890 54 Trehörningsjö
070 5648812